Immigration, insurance,
medical and business service
in Austria
Migration services
Axiom Solutions works in cooperation with professional lawyers, who specialize in immigration questions and have numerous years of experience in obtaining different Residence permits and Austrian citizenship.

We focus on the following types and reasons for permanent stay in Austria:
•‎ Qualified Workers
•‎ Highly Qualified Workers
•‎ Skilled Rare Profession Specialists
•‎ Self-employed Key Workers (With an investment in the Austrian economy more than 100 000 EUR)
•‎ Founders of an important for Austrian economy Start-Up (With the authorized capital not less than 50 000 EUR)

Austria is famous for its level of medical care as well as for a number of medical treatments that are superior in terms of price and quality, in comparison with neighboring countries like Germany and Switzerland.

Our company has contracts with leading private clinics and medical centers in the country. We are in close contact and fruitful cooperation with the medical specialists in such areas of medicine as oncology, musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, lungs, and immune system diseases.

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Insurance services
We provide insurance services aimed at obtaining residence permits, residency, and making business in Austria.

Our professional insurance brokers will provide the best insurance services at the best rates.

As an additional service, when registering a company in Austria, we provide services for health insurance and medical support for individuals (relatives or business partners) who do not have a residence permit or work permit in Austria.

Company registration
and business support
We provide services for the preparation of all necessary documents for the registration of companies in Austria and ensure their activity, including:
•‎ Provision of a legal address
•‎ Provision of an office or postal address for correspondence
•‎ Processing of incoming mail and correspondence with the state or control authorities of Austria
•‎ Preparation of documents for mandatory audit reporting
•‎ Registration and settlement with a staff

As well as other infrastructure services for your business in Austria
Your family service
We will provide you with services to ensure your life in Austria from the purchase of real estate to study at the universities and other educational institutions in our country.

We will provide you with all the necessary services for your vacation in Austria, including worldwide flights from Austria to anywhere in the world.

We will provide the tourist visa support and all the necessary tourist services on-site for your family and friends, work colleagues, and business partners.

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